20 Things I Love For Kitchen Remodels

Dear Sweet Friend, Over the years, I have seen a LOT of kitchen remodels -- some good, some bad, and some just plain UGLY.  It’s been fascinating to me to watch friends redo their kitchens and to see all of the fun design decisions they have made that have either led to a very successful, well-planned and efficient kitchen or to a poorly thought out design disaster.  So, in an effort to help you on your project (or to stick in your kitchen dream binder for later), I’ve put together twenty things I love for Kitchen Remodels!  Enjoy!!

1 - Use a lot of ‘white’ in your remodel to make the space feel as big as possible and bounce a lot of light around.


2 - Subway tiles as a backsplash are your friend.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Tile Shop in Grand Rapids, MI.  It's like going into a candy store for grown-ups!

Michigan Interior Designersource

3 - Stick to simple lines in your cabinetry.  It looks great, plus it will save you a lot of money.  My own cabinets are from Plato Woodwork in MN - they are a “shaker” style cabinet, and I adore them.  You can get them from local kitchen design centers as well.


4 - Incorporate a trash can / recycle bin into your base cabinets.  It frees up space under the sink (if you're used to keeping it there), makes sorting items so much easier, and then you don't have to have a big ole trash can in the middle of your kitchen.


5 - Use at least 3 different types of lighting.  Lamps Plus is a company I have heard good things about if you like to shop online.  I like a pendant over the island, lots of recessed "can" lighting, and a lamp on the counter, or under cabinet lighting as well.


6 - To get the look of granite and save money, use quartz.  I like Silestone.  It's my favorite counter material and pairs nicely with butcher block accents.


7 - Keep it simple.  Remember that no matter what -- “less is more”

8 - Real wood floors always bump up the value of your home.  I have Alder wood floors throughout my home, but it’s a bit too “soft” for my taste.  If I had to do it again I’d go with Walnut.

MichiganInteriorDesigner_109 source

9 - Select fingerprint resistant stainless steel appliances.

10 - Go with high end drawer pulls & handles.  I get mine from Williams Kitchen & Bath.  Skip the ones from local hardware stores -- they never last and the finish wears off within a couple of years.  I had to learn this lesson the hard way once!

11 - Add an oversized clock.

12 - Use drawer organizers to maximize space & keep things tidy (Hello Ikea!)

13 - Don’t designate a junk drawer-- these can be put to much better use as a place for hand towels or napkins -- let the junk hang out in the basement. I learned this principle from a book I read and loved called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.


14 - Select a VERY tall faucet.  Like commercial kitchen grade…...you will love it, I promise.  Something like this….


15 - Comfortable bar stools will make people want to linger longer.

16 - Add some greenery & fresh elements.

17 - Have a place for all the things you regularly use, but not for EVERYTHING you’ve ever accumulated.

18 - One bowl sinks are better, more convenient for washing big items (especially if you have a dishwasher).  I love a good old fashioned (but new) apron sink if you have a farm house or craftsman style home. This is a good resource...

19 -  Multiple level surfaces work well for kids helping in the kitchen.

20 - Use a few textured glass upper cabinet fronts to add interest & sparkle to your kitchen.



I hope that gets you inspired and ready to remodel / build!!  Let me know if you have any questions about anything I recommended.  I have a lot of sources for these things, so if you have something in mind but you’re not sure where to look, you can always ask me.  I won’t make you feel dumb for asking ANY question.  Promise. :-)

Until Next Time,

Holland Interior Designer