5 Simple Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Dear Sweet Friend, Have you ever walked into a space and felt a little, um, claustrophobic? Be it from too much in the room, or just not enough room, it can be an easy fix! Older homes, studio apartments, office space in the city; small spaces are everywhere! So today I’d like to give you FIVE easy ways to make your space feel bigger!

#1 Mirror, Mirror

Whether it be wall mounted or a large leaning mirror, reflecting the space can give the illusion it’s twice as big!  I used this technique in my own living room above my mantel and it makes it look like there's another room beyond.  I love how mirrors can do that.

Fancy living room interior


#2 Hide and Seek

Ottomans, chests, drawers and boxes can be great places to put things you need in the room but don’t want to have out. Hide those blankets, remotes or toys from view to make things feel more roomy.  You can even put a basket or container underneath a side or coffee table for extra layers of storage.


#3 Lighten Up

The brighter the room feels, the bigger it feels. Use dark colors for small accent pieces and furnishings only.  The color trends for fall were just announced, and light gray is near the top.


#4 Get off the floor

Pick out furnishings that have legs. Bringing items off the floor makes them seem less bulky while still taking up the same amount of space.


#5 Bring it in

Make sure your furniture isn’t hugging the walls. Creating even a small space behind a sofa gives the illusion there is enough space in the middle of the room.



Now go ahead and try these tips and tell me what you think! Or let me know, I can help you too!

Until next time,