7 Blogs I Follow (and you should too!)

It feels so good to be back after the busyness of the Holidays. I hope you were able to take time to relax, enjoy your families and get excited for what 2016 is going to bring! I sure did! I've been working on some fun projects this fall/winter and I am so excited to show you the before and after transformations. Not to mention some projects just starting! Gah, I'm so excited! As a designer, I am constantly looking for new ideas and concepts to incorporate into my own designs and one way I do this is follow other blogs! I'm not able to read every post, every day but I like having a few places to go that I can browse ideas when I'm looking for the perfect resolution for a design hiccup. Plus a couple of these blogs have cute craft ideas, recipes and style guides too! Here are my top 7 blogs I follow and think you should too!

#7 Maria Killam


This blog is a frequent go to for color questions and answers. Wondering what color to paint your front door? Look no further. Curious about whether or not that Olive Green in the bathroom is going to be a good idea? Maria has all the answers you need when it comes to color, as well as other tips and trends to look for. Oh, and Olive green in the bathroom is a yes.

#6 A Beautiful Mess

abm header

This one is written by a sister duo, Elsie and Emma, and it is quickly becoming a favorite. It has all the goodness one could ever want in a complete DIY (do-it-yourself) resource. They have delicious recipes (sweet heat grilled cheese? yes!) and super easy crafts that I actually want to make and put in my home. And they're fun. They put out new posts once or twice a day so there is always something new to look at!

#5 Emily Henderson


She is the current spokesperson for Target Style and I am loving what she is brings to my favorite red bullseye :) In addition to her likeable personality and sense of design, I wholeheartedly agree with her philosopy that "... a home should look like the person that inhabits it, not a catalog, not what you think others would like — but really, truly like you." I couldn't have said it better myself.

#4 The Inspired Room


Melissa Michaels pens this blog and has also written a couple books that are worth the read. She has great tips on how to make the home you're in, the home you want to be in. It's inspiration on how to love your home and make it everything it could, and should be. I don't have it yet, but this book is definitely on my wish list!

#3 Little Green Notebook

little green notebook

I recently came across this site and when I read this from her about me section, "I like flea markets and power tools, parties and pillows. I’m a mommy and a decorator, and a diehard DIYer", I knew I was going to like following along. I thought to myself, Hey! That's me! The DIY section is full of unique but totally doable projects and I love seeing how people choose to tackle their flea market finds.

#2 Young House Love

yhl header

This blog isn't as active anymore but it has fantastic ideas on remodels and what products to use. They have an awesome new book that I am currently reading and their first one is pretty good too. They even have a small line of hardware products sold at Target and Home Depot.

#1 Joanna Gaines 


My favorite. I want to go to Waco just to go to Magnolia. I love everything about Joanna's style and she always makes it seem so easy, so simple. If you've ever seen the show FixerUpper you know exactly why I follow this. She effortlessly weaves styles together so whatever project you're doing has one part trendy, one part traditional and one part you, so it never gets old.

I hope you take a few moments to explore these great blogs and sites for design inspiration! And, I'm so excited to share with you my Guest Bath Remodel tips, stay tuned!

See you next time,