Birthday Special: Home Tour Sneak Peek!!

Dear Sweet Friend,

I have to say it again, this time of year is my FAVORITE! But there’s one more reason I love it so much, my Birthday!! So when it came time to put together this week's blog, I figured it might be nice to take a bit of a break and give you a sneak peek into my life at home. It’s going to be half home tour, half what I’m loving right now! Let’s get started!

First up, my kitchen! I have mixed feelings about open shelves depending on the day of the week but I love them for one main reason. They help things stay decluttered, neat and organized. It’s not the easiest thing sometimes, but if it gets messy up there, it doesn’t stay that way for long. What am I loving for my kitchen right now? So glad you asked. This specific scent from Mrs. Meyers is seasonal and it’s the perfect addition to the mundane task of dishes. It’s available in more than dish soap too. I suggest buying at least one of the collection and enjoying it as long as possible. 


It seems fitting to do my dining room next, seeing as it is open to the kitchen. And this is one of my favorite things about this space, it's open. It is so easy to keep an eye on my boys during meal times, I can't imagine anything working better. Our space allows us to have a long table to seat few or many and I am in love with my chandelier. It is so important to me to have a space that functions well for meals but also as a space for my boys to play and an adaptable work space for myself as well. I've been working on a clients' kitchen remodel and doing fun things like picking out fabric and paint colors and sometimes I daydream about replacing my window treatments in the dining area. Is it weird to just look through this whole website with heart eyes? I can't help myself!


Next up, my bathroom! Some try to make the bathroom a spa like experience, some try to make it a fun experience for kids, I opted to meet in the middle. Pleasant colors and soft textures mixed with durable finishes and quality products. I just added this towel rack with hooks and I am in love. As a family of four, I can’t keep up on laundry if we use a new towel each time, so these numbered hooks will help everyone know which one is theirs. Genius. And speaking of towels, these are my current love. The softness and absorbency is awesome for my littles and the texture looks awesome when hanging!



How about my living room next? This room is always changing. I’m always moving pieces around or working on a new project. Of course, ha! One thing I love about this space is that there is no TV. Yes we have one in another room, but we specifically use this space to spend time as a family or entertain guests. I love being able to have fires in the winter and mantels are great for switching out decor easily. This is what my fireplace looks like now, but stay tuned, in a couple months I'll show you all my update!


Last but not least, how about a glimpse into my office. This is where the magic happens! Well, the magic happens at the clients' home but this is where the ideas come to life! I'm still slowly transforming it into what I need but I love my idea/inspiration board. Plus, did you know there are some seriously cute push pins out there now? A Christmas present perhaps?


Thanks for letting me share my Birthday and home with you all!

Check back next week for ways to Organize in 2016!

Until next time,