18 Things I Love for Guest Bath Remodels

Here is a fact about me: I love traveling. Whether it's gallivanting across Europe or going to Chicago for the weekend, there is a certain thrill about leaving home behind and experiencing something new. And to be honest, one of my favorite parts is staying in a hotel. I know I'm not the only one who immediately plops on the bed and lets out a relaxed sigh of contentment. And then I do what everyone does next, check out the bathroom! The fixtures, the counters, the amenities! Seriously! I know you do it too :)  So how do you get that excited feeling in your own home? If you want to make sure your guests feel this way when they visit, or even yourself, pick from this list to make sure it feels like a hotel, not a hostel.

1 - Crisp, White towels. There is something about white. It's clean and bright and goes with everything.

white towel placed on shelves in bathroom of hotel, fabric

2 - A new Mirror. You don't have to use a specific vanity mirror anymore. Add a fun shape or size and let it bring a bit more art than function to the space. Try using something like this:



3 - Proper lighting. Is your vanity light proportionate in width? Besides picking a style and finish, more important is the type of fixture. Use this guide to help figure out what to use.

4 - Wood-look Tile floors. Give the look of wood with the durability of tile. Run it length wise to elongate a small space. If you aren't in the market to redo your floors, you can also put this on the wall as a great accent.



5 - Hexagon Tile floors. Fueled from shows about restoring old homes, hexagon shaped tiles are regaining popularity as go-to options, primarily in bathrooms. There are a ton of options now but I still like a classic white.

hex tile


6 - Heated floors. If you are going to be redoing the floors with tile, laminate, or wood, consider making the investment. Your feet and your loved ones will thank you for years to come. And it only costs pennies a day.

7 - Pedestal sink. If your space is limited, this is a great option to make it feel larger and uncluttered.

8 - Vanity. They're great hiding places for all the extras you don't want just sitting out. Extra towels, toiletries, etc. There are a lot of different styles to choose from including drawers, doors, shelves and wall mount. I like this one, isn't it just darling?



9 - Hooks. You aren't limited to a towel bar anymore. Remember Young House Love from my Top 7 Blogs? Try one of these hooks for towels and robes.

10 - Shelves. Adding extra display and storage space above the toilet can add a decorative touch. Not to mention a landing space for extra toiletries.



11 - Subway tile shower. It's a classic look that creates an upscale shower experience. Pair it with #12.



12 - Rain Shower head. Give your guests the full getaway experience. An extra bonus for you as well!

13 - Chair Height Toilet. If you still have the same toilet from 10 years ago, it's time to upgrade. An elongated, chair height toilet is the most comfortable. Besides newer models being more efficient, they're more stylish too! Check this out!

14 - Glass jars. Don't make someone fish through your drawers, put common use items such as cotton balls and q-tips in glass jars for easy access.

glass jars


15 - Travel Samples. If you've traveled a lot I'm sure you have a decent collection of shampoo and soap samples. These samples expire like everything else does so try putting them in a glass jar similar to above and have them out for guests to use.

16 - Plants. In my opinion, there is no room that a plant doesn't belong. Seeing a plant in the bathroom just makes me smile. It brings life to the room and makes it feel like another space lived in, not just visited. Not sure what to get? Consider a fern, they love high humidity!

bath fern


17 - Mosaics. What an easy way to add a little pizzazz to your bathroom. Use it as a short back splash,  in a niche or even a full wall. Be sure to pick that is somewhat neutral that you are able to change other things in the room without being stuck to a certain style or color.

penny mosaic


18 - Barn Door. Now this one is more on the outside of the room, than in, but I'm considering it anyways. What a fun way to enter the room and as an added bonus, you gain floor space by getting rid of that in-swing. And it's actually a pretty easy DIY project as they sell the kits in big box stores now.

As always, let me know if you have further thoughts on any of these and I'd be happy to help!

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