Top 5 Interior Decorating Trends for 2016

Dear Sweet Friend,

How did this happen?! It's nearly 2016 and it snuck up on me like it does every year. Does this happen with anyone else? I'm still over here trying to cross things off my Summer to do list and some people already have their Christmas shopping done! If you're one of them, I commend you. I however, I am not.  Before we know it, we'll all be counting backwards from 10 and vowing to swear off sweets once and for all. Could I give you a different kind of resolution to consider for the new year? I'm going to list 5 Trends in Home Interior Design for 2016 and I challenge you to pick one, just one!--and incorporate it into one room. Doesn't that sound easy? So read below, pick out your favorite, and comment with what you're going to do. This way I can check in for an update on progress and remind you of your goal! Or you know I can help you with it too!

#1 Metals

Especially gold and copper. About a decade or two ago we temporarily kicked gold to the curb and made room for all sorts of silver. Brushed nickel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum; as long as it wasn't gold or brass. And then came oil rubbed bronze; a darker, luxurious finish. But here we are, approaching the new year, and 2016 is beckoning warmer metals. Gold, muted gold, brass and copper will not disappoint. You can add it in small ways to complement what you already have. Think, new lamp base or picture frame to start out. Or perhaps a fun new throw pillow!



#2 Color

Let me first start by saying, it takes a very unique room to look spot on with dark walls, so this first option in color is not for everyone. Or please, if this is the route you choose to go, give me a call first! One color trend for 2016 is going toward dark shades like navy and charcoal. I only recommend this if you have light furnishings and a lot of natural light. But boy can it look sharp. I am loving this dining room painted in Benjamin Moore French Beret.


If you aren't overly excited about dark colors, Benjamin Moore has two more options for you. Simply White is the color of the year with Cream Puff as another option. I love the two of these paired together, maybe a girls nursery? So cute!

cream puff

Benjamin Moore Cream Puff

#3 Prints and Patterns

Think Floral. Think Geometric. Think Tribal. You can incorporate these into any room in the easiest of ways. A new shower curtain for the guest bath or new curtains in the living room. It doesn't matter if it's subtle or bold, whatever you are comfortable with. And though I wouldn't put it everywhere, you could add some fun wallpaper for an accent wall. The possibilities are endless.

shower curtain






#4 Plants

This could quite possibly be the easiest trend to catch on to. If you don't already have a few around your home, they're inexpensive enough to add multiples and remember a few posts back, they have health benefits too! Succulents are the friendliest to those not blessed with a green thumb and they come in a variety of sizes for any table top or shelf. Plants can also be used as a primary decor piece, like a large fiddle leaf fig tree.


(notice the gold terrarium..hint hint)


#5 Natural Materials

This trend can show up in many, many ways. It's a live edge side table, new cork flooring or concrete countertops. If it's something that's not man made, it's on trend! And because there are so many types of materials to choose from, you can pick something small like these bookends pictured, or large, like a new coffee table!




Keep an eye out for my next post, it's going to be a birthday special!

Until then,