Our Name Change & Summer Announcements!

Welcome to the new site!

Hi, hello, and good day to you!  I know it's been quite some time since I've written, and I thought it was time for an update!  We've been busy with updating our brand, our focus, the website, launching new products, finishing a bunch of spring projects, and getting ready for some summer maker's markets where we'll be displaying our new products!  Whew, I think that's a lot for anyone, and it sure has been for us.  It's exhausting work, but we love it, and are sparked to action by the challenge of it all.

1. We've changed our name & focus

First up, we'd like to officially announce our name change!  That's right -- we've decided to change the business name from Brooke DeBoer Interiors to LakeTree Design.  In so many ways it better reflects who we are, what we've been doing, and what we desire to do more of.  So many of the homes we work on are along or near the Lake Michigan lakeshore and are surrounded by trees.  And those are two things that we just absolutely love and try to work into every single one of our projects -- elements of water, trees, and all types of nature.  These types of projects make us feel alive and in awe of all that God has created and so we want to keep doing more!  We've also been hard at work over the past year on developing a line of products for the home that have elements of nature at their root.  We've come out with a line of hand painted signs (I paint them and Ryan does all the wood cutting & framing) that are just absolutely lovely and made with love. We are going to be debuting our new Chalkboard Bar line at Farmgirl Flea (May 19-20 at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds) along with some adorable chalkboard wreaths, watercolor art prints,  chalk painted furniture, and hand poured essential oil infused soy candles.  

2. What we're currently working on

We've recently completed a Lake Michigan home remodel on the north side of Holland.  The home sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan near Tunnel Park and is a brick quad level.  This means that the home has three living rooms (We called them the living room, the family room, and the "way down" to keep track of which was which!).  The project included redecorating all three living areas, a dining area, and a foyer.  We used Three Chairs in downtown Holland for most of the new furniture pieces.  Other sources included Carpet Bonanza in Zeeland for carpeting, Interior Images in Holland for grasscloth wall covering, West Elm for some decor pieces, Pier 1 for some decor pieces, Robert Moore for an original oil painting, Pottery Barn for gallery wall ledges, and Standout Designs for a concealed entertainment cabinet.  The project turned out beautifully, and the client couldn't be more pleased!  This is what she said to me on the last day of the project: "Brooke, you have made my life so much easier. I love how you come in and make this process so stress-free.  Thank you!" She also said,"I have looked at that cabinet for 10 years and never known what to do with it.  Then you come in and arrange it beautifully in less than twenty minutes.  Wow!" -KK.  

3. What you can anticipate seeing from us in the coming months

My plan is to commit to blogging again at least twice a month to keep you updated on the projects we're working on (Big news -- Ryan and I are beginning a kitchen remodel of our own that we'll be blogging about every step of the way!).  If there are any things you'd like to see me write about (maybe some kind of interior decor question you have had for a while?) please let me know, and I'd be happy to share!  You'll also likely see many new photos on Instagram, as we're in the midst of our remodel and doing several maker's markets this summer (more on that to come).   

4. We're going to be at Farmgirl Flea!

Please join us at Farmgirl Flea on May 19-20.  We'll be there with an outdoor booth, and I'll have an easel set up where I'll be hand lettering on the chalkboards we make and are debuting there.  With the purchase of any chalkboard, you'll receive a FREE hand lettered design of your choice, while you wait or shop!  How fun is that!?  And if we haven't yet met in person, that would be a great time to come on out and say hello!  

5.  Get in contact with us now for fall projects

We are now booking projects for September.  If you are thinking about doing some remodeling or redecoration, now is the time to let us know!  And all initial phone consults are free! All it takes to officially book your project on our schedule is a $100 deposit.  Don't wait.  I have a feeling that this fall is going to book up fast!  

laketreedesign@gmail.com | 616-730-1848

Have a great day!