Photos & Stories From Some of Our Recent Projects


We've recently completed a Lake Michigan home remodel on the north side of Holland.  The home sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan near Tunnel Park and is a brick quad level.  This means that the home has three living rooms (We called them the living room, the family room, and the "way down" to keep track of which was which!).  The project included redecorating all three living areas, a dining area, and a foyer.  We used Three Chairs in downtown Holland for most of the new furniture pieces.  Other sources included Carpet Bonanza in Zeeland for carpeting, Interior Images in Holland for grasscloth wall covering, West Elm for some decor pieces, Pier 1 for some decor pieces, Robert Moore for an original oil painting, Pottery Barn for gallery wall ledges, and Standout Designs for a concealed entertainment cabinet.  The project turned out beautifully, and the client couldn't be more pleased!  This is what she said to me on the last day of the project: "Brooke, you have made my life so much easier. I love how you come in and make this process so stress-free.  Thank you!" She also said,"I have looked at that cabinet for 10 years and never known what to do with it.  Then you come in and arrange it beautifully in less than twenty minutes.  Wow!" -KK.  


“After consulting and working with Brooke DeBoer on some spaces in our new house, my family and I are loving our time spent at home together! In fact, my husband just recently mentioned how much our peaceful environment positively impacts our family. The sense of peace, warmth, and organization our furniture and décor embodies contributes to practical function and a sense of comfort noticed by kids and adults alike."

-Elsie L.


I worked with a couple that we know well to redesign the entire first floor in their home.  They have three kids under 12 and so the spaces were working very hard for them, but they were lacking visual appeal and needed to be updated.  Thus began our quest to find the perfect paint colors, new gorgeous laminated vinyl tile with just the right amount of grain and texture (thank you Interior Images of Holland!), new paint for the kitchen cabinets along with new hardware, the perfect color carpet, and many decorative touches!  Their space now looks like brand new, and is working hard for their family-- all while being visually appealing.  They are in love with their house all over again!


I worked with a local Saugatuck Artist to redecorate the main living spaces in her home.  She has a living area where her family likes to watch TV and a more formal family room where she spends time with guests.  We redecorated and rearranged both spaces using only things she had already in her home.  It was a fun challenge for me to reuse discarded items she had cast off in her basement or upstairs bedrooms and think about how they could be repurposed for her two main living spaces.  Together, we had a lot of fun reimagining how the rooms could be used, rearranging, styling up her mantle, shelves, and horizontal surfaces, and making the space feel like it was new and very functional!