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Summer Announcements!

Summer Announcements!

Welcome to the new site!

Hi, hello, and good day to you!  I know it's been quite some time since I've written, and I thought it was time for an update!  I've been busy with updating my brand, focus, the website, launching new products, finishing a bunch of spring projects, and getting ready for some summer maker's markets where I'll be displaying new products!  Whew, I think that's a lot for anyone, and it sure has been for me.  It's exhausting work, but I love it, and am sparked to action by the challenge of it all.  Below are some pics of a recently finished home makeover on the Holland lakeshore.  I'm hoping to...

Oh Baby! 4 Swoon Worthy Nursery Remodels

Oh Baby! 4 Swoon Worthy Nursery Remodels

Welcome to Summer, Friends!! I know technically it's not for a couple of weeks yet but to me, once Memorial Day has passed it's here! To me, summer is campfires, nature walks, beach days and family time. What is it to you? I'd love to know!! If this summer finds you planning for a new baby, this is the list for you! Or maybe you know someone searching for ideas, it's for them too! I'm going to give you FOUR fresh ideas for swoon worthy nurseries...

If He Gets a "Man Cave", You Should Have a "She Shed"

If He Gets a "Man Cave", You Should Have a "She Shed"

You know what happens when you watch HGTV, peruse pinterest and have a handy husband? You start dreaming. And I CANNOT stop dreaming about having my own "She Shed". I even have the perfect spot picked out on our property, close enough for bathroom breaks but far enough away to fight the urge to play with my boys instead of work. Let me make sure I didn't lose some of you when I said She Shed. Ha, tongue twister! Are you familiar with the Tiny House movement? If not you can catch up here. An offshoot of the movement is the She Shed. Whether you need a place to work, read, sleep, de-stress, create, write or play, it's a perfect place to do it. Of course it technically doesn't have to be a she, it can be a he as well, but I want to talk about the Shes!

4 Unique Accent Wall Trends

4 Unique Accent Wall Trends

If it feels as if it has been weeks since we've last chatted, it's because it has! I'm a one woman show over here and that means I'm being kept very busy with clients when I'm not being Mom and wife :) So for now I'm going to cut back a bit on how much you hear from me but don't worry, I'm always thinking of things I want to share with you all. So, remember last time I talked about the Fifth Wall? I can't stop dreaming about our upstairs bathroom and what I could do to that ceiling. I hope you found at least one thing to try! This time I want to talk about an Accent Wall. I have come across some really fun and unique products and styles that I just have to share. So hopefully you've got a wall in mind because you are going to want to do this next! And since everyone loves a list, here goes:

The Fifth Wall

Tell me, have you ever heard of the Fifth Wall? Let me give you a hint, look up! That's right, it's your ceiling. Every room in your home has a "wall" left potentially untouched. Most likely yours is painted white and depending on the age of your home, could even have some texture. Oy, popcorn ceilings. What were they thinking?! While there is nothing wrong with keeping your fifth wall basic and classic in every room, there is a lot of potential for added character. Maybe just one room needs a little pizzazz? Look below for some easy, unique or classic options to dress up any room.

Get the Look for Less

This week I wanted to talk about different ways to get the look for less. What look, you ask? Well, any look I suppose. It could be a new rustic farm table, an Edison style lamp or even a simple picture ledge. Whatever piece or collection you've been drooling over in the new Pottery Barn catalog, there may be a way to get that same thing for less. These are tips that I use myself when shopping for clients and for ME!

18 Things I Love for Guest Bath Remodels

Here is a fact about me: I love traveling. Whether it's gallivanting across Europe or going to Chicago for the weekend, there is a certain thrill about leaving home behind and experiencing something new. And to be honest, one of my favorite parts is staying in a hotel. I know I'm not the only one who immediately plops on the bed and lets out a relaxed sigh of contentment. And then I do what everyone does next, check out the bathroom! The fixtures, the counters, the amenities! Seriously! I know you do it too :)  So how do you get that excited feeling in your own home? If you want to make sure your guests feel this way when they visit, or even yourself, pick from this list to make sure it feels like a hotel, not a hostel.

New ways to organize in 2016

In just a few short days, Christmas will be over and we will start the counting down of days til the new year. 2016. I almost can't believe it. I am so geeked to see what the next year brings. (Can it top this year? Starting my dream job!)

January is always a welcome friend for giving motivation to start something new. Try something new. Do something new. No matter your resolution and will to do it, I find being organized is at the forefront. When things are de-cluttered and in place, it's so much easier to focus on other things, at least for me! Remember my suggestion on this book? And here's another book I recently found that I'm excited to read! So may I make a suggestion? Try one or two of these quick and easy ways to organize and see if that wasn't resolution enough.

Birthday Special: Home Tour Sneak Peek!!

I have to say it again, this time of year is my FAVORITE! But there’s one more reason I love it so much, my Birthday!! So when it came time to put together this week's blog, I figured it might be nice to take a bit of a break and give you a sneak peek into my life at home. It’s going to be half home tour, half what I’m loving right now! Let’s get started!

Top 5 Interior Decorating Trends for 2016

How did this happen?! It's nearly 2016 and it snuck up on me like it does every year. Does this happen with anyone else? I'm still over here trying to cross things off my Summer to do list and some people already have their Christmas shopping done! If you're one of them, I commend you. I however, I am not.  Before we know it, we'll all be counting backwards from 10 and vowing to swear off sweets once and for all. Could I give you a different kind of resolution to consider for the new year? I'm going to list 5 Trends in Home Interior Design for 2016 and I challenge you to pick one, just one!--and incorporate it into one room. Doesn't that sound easy? So read below, pick out your favorite, and comment with what you're going to do. This way I can check in for an update on progress and remind you of your goal! Or you know I can help you with it too!

Designer tips for Decorating for the Holidays

Can you feel it? The Holidays are near! I cannot help but get giddy with thoughts of crisp air and bright white snow outside and warm blankets with hot chocolate inside. I absolutely love this time of year! It’s filled with good food and family, and of course lots of fun decorating! No matter your personal taste, budget or lifestyle, there are easy ways to get your home, and yourself, in the holiday spirit. The internet is full of inspiration and ideas on how to do this but I would like to give you a designers perspective; a way to celebrate the seasons in style. When I start to decorate for the holidays, I usually begin when the leaves start to fall and the colors are changing. It's easy to use what is all around us in our decor and you don't have to be Martha Stewart with a glue gun, I promise! Look below for some of my favorites for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I Was Wrong And I Admit It

Happy Halloween! What are you going to dress up as?  Anything?  Me, I'm dressing up as an interior designer.  No, seriously.  I am.  Oh wait, that's what I am ALREADY.  But recently I had a good friend tell me -- well, admit to me, really --- that she knows what my title is, but has no idea what it means or what I do for people SPECIFICALLY.  Yes, she admitted that to me.  And it was kind of a big wake up call for me, because here I was just assuming that everyone already knows what I do, and how I do it.  I guess I was wrong.  It wouldn't be the first time!  (My husband would be proud of me for admitting that!)

12 Ideas for a Cute and Functional Office

As you know by now, this past Summer I decided to follow a dream, my dream. Interior Design + my own business + work at home = Bliss. And through this blog, I get to share with you bits and pieces of my life as a designer. Which brings me to my office. Talk about a work in progress but I love being able to make a part of my home my work place (Yes, I still have my 8th Street office in Holland, but I like to work from home too). It’s work in and of itself though. I want it to be inviting, functional, inspiring and fun. I’d like to give you 12 ideas that I am using myself for creating a cute and functional office.

20 Things I Love For Kitchen Remodels

Dear Sweet Friend,Over the years, I have seen a LOT of kitchen remodels -- some good, some bad, and some just plain UGLY.  It’s been fascinating to me to watch friends redo their kitchens and to see all of the fun design decisions they have made that have either led to a very successful, well-planned and efficient kitchen or to a poorly thought out design disaster.  So, in an effort to help you on your project (or to stick in your kitchen dream binder for later), I’ve put together twenty things I love for Kitchen Remodels!  Enjoy!!

How To Create a Focal Point

Dear Sweet Friend, Can we talk about focal points today? I’d like to share why I think your home needs them. And not just your home, but every room in it. Let’s first have a quick lesson on what a focal point is and what it does. When you enter a room, typically the focal point is the item or area your eyes are drawn to. Maybe you enter the kitchen at a friends house and you can’t help but notice the amazing island they have with stools right in the middle. Quite different from the other friend who doesn’t have an island but an elaborate hood and stove combo instead.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a little, um, claustrophobic? Be it from too much in the room, or just not enough room, it can be an easy fix! Older homes, studio apartments, office space in the city; small spaces are everywhere! So today I’d like to give you FIVE easy ways to make your space feel bigger!

6 Quick Ways To Bring The Outdoors In This Fall

I’ve actually been looking forward to the change in seasons this fall, because I absolutely LOVE sweatshirt weather.  Hands down, fall is my favorite time of year.  It’s full of football games, going back to school, new clothes, a refreshed spirit, a still-tanned face, pulling out the fall brown shoes, boots, leggings and cardigans, and getting as reprieve from the hot weather.  It’s also the time of year I start bringing in my front porch cushions, the hoses, trimming down my lilies, and generally preparing for cooler nights.  Even though all my flowers have stopped blooming, it doesn’t mean I’m ready to stop enjoying the outdoors yet!  There will be plenty of time for that once the snow comes.

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes! Where my life & biz is headed...

Hi! I’m Brooke (more about me here) and I am so excited to be starting my new business -- Brooke DeBoer Interiors!  And I am so excited to officially launch the website today! Since you may be wondering, I wanted to share a few things that have helped me in moving forward with my dream! As of late, I have spent a lot of time preparing for this exciting endeavor, which means I have been spotted at my favorite coffee shop, JP’s. They have such a comfortable atmosphere that buzzes with life and sparks my creativity. I’ve also spent a lot of time doing some deep thinking at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park and Dutton Parkon the North side of Lake Macatawa-- places I like to think of as my “waterfront offices”.   For me, I always find that a day spent in nature clears the cobwebs in my head and brings clarity to decisions I'm trying to make. What better place than on the water in West Michigan? I’m loving my new home office as well (with a water view!), but more about that later.