Positive Mindset Business and Life Coach Brooke DeBoer will lead you through her proven curriculum to help you cultivate the life and business you want. She will meet with you in person or via video chat — it’s up to you — and guide you through developing processes and a plan for every area of your business. The Thrive Hive Coaching Program comes complete with a Coaching Kit that includes a 20 page guided journal, 6 worksheets (a business plan, marketing plan, financial plan, social media plan, action plan, and money making plan worksheets), 2 inspirational prints, mom boss stickers, a binder with a beautiful cover you can personalize, a luxe gel pen, heart shaped paper clips, and 2 colorful notes to tape on your mirror.

business and life coaching benefits:

  • You’ll regain that confidence you once had and find the fire you need to pursue the life & business you want

  • You’ll have an organized binder that will guide you through the PLAN we work out for you and give you processes to achieve your dreams on the timeline that works for you

  • You’ll meet other like minded business women

  • You’ll have a CLEAR IDEA of where you’re headed — no more confusion.

  • You’ll have a guide to walk you through the Coaching Kit pre-work you’ve done who will give you next steps and work out a PRIORITY LIST for you

  • You’ll have invested in your awesome self and feel like you can take on the world!

life is too short to wait until later. invest in yourself now.

Thrive Hive Coaching Kit

Contents Included In Your Box:

(Yes, It’s real paper in a prettily wrapped box with lots of little pretty touches. It’s HAPPY MAIL, the best kind!)

  • A 20 page guided journal

  • Mini Business Plan Worksheet

  • Marketing Planning Worksheet

  • Financial Planning Worksheet

  • Social Media Planning Worksheet

  • Action Plan Worksheet

  • Money Making Plan Worksheet

  • Two 8x10 Inspirational Art Prints

  • Stickers

  • White Binder with a Personalizable Cover

  • Luxe Gel Pen

  • 3 Heart Shaped Paper Clips

  • 2 Daily Inspo Mirror Notes

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Meet thrive hive’s founder:


Hi! I’m Brooke, and I’m a Positive Mindset business coach, interior designer, and motivational speaker. My life's mission is to empower and equip fellow female entrepreneurs in their pursuit of balancing their awesome businesses with the demands of being a woman.

I’ve been designing beautiful interior spaces for over 10 years and I’m known for helping people use what they have to bring balance and joy back into their homes.