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Thrive Hive: A virtual co-working community
with coaching for your life & business

Equipping you with resources in your pursuit of balancing your awesome business with the demands of motherhood.

How Thrive Hive Came To Be:

I’m a mom of three and I have had my own businesses since 2011. I’ve been part of a co-working community in one shape or another for some of that time, worked from my home office for several years, had an office in a cool little downtown in Michigan for a year, and have had plenty of different childcare situations to make it all work. Sort of. After I had my third baby in 2018, I was desperate to find another co-working place to be a part of, because I missed the entrepreneurial energy that seems to radiate from those kind of places and because working from home got lonely. My deepest wish was to find a mom-preneur type of community to be a part of, the kind of place where my kids could play while I got some work done and got to exchange ideas with other moms who understood my drive to keep working on growing my business and also try to do motherhood well. Because both are important to me, and I exist best in this world when I am thriving in both of those areas of my life. After much fruitless searching, and realizing that I did actually want to work in my cozy home office, but that I needed the community too, I came up with the idea of a virtual co-working community! This is the beta release of my little dream, and I want to have you be part of this initial launch at a reduced rate in exchange for your feedback on the resources provided, the community we will build together, and the general idea of ‘will a virtual co-working space work’? I invite you to come with me on this journey as we figure it out! Here’s to thriving in our businesses AND in our pursuit of mothering well!

What’s Included:


Resource Library


Private Conversation Community


Virtual Co-Working

included In the future:

  • Group Mom-preneur Coaching

  • Semi-Private Business & Life Coaching

  • Book Club

Q & A!

What kind of resources are included in the library?

The resource library is updated twice a month and new resources are added. Every month you’ll have access to all of the base content plus two new art prints, two new thriving resources like business card templates & mini business plans, a new training audio, and two new worksheets.

Base content includes:

  • Worksheets

  • Customizable Branded Collateral & Templates

  • Downloadable & Printable Art Prints

  • Thriving Checklists

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goal Setting Templates

  • Motivating/Inspirational Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

  • Thriving Mompreneur Resources (i.e. workbooks, latest technology/apps reviews, mompreneur tips)

what is it like to be part of the private conversations community?

Once you join the Thrive Hive, you’ll be sent an invitation to be part of our private Facebook group where we hold conversations. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any question you like or provide ideas to fellow co-workers. This is a place where we offer support of one another and share ideas to spur one another on in our business/motherhood pursuits and the balance of it all.

how does virtual co-working work?

Twice a month we hold a group Skype session. When you’re a member of the Thrive Hive, you’ll be sent an invitation to join the call. We also record this session in case you’re not able to make it and want to watch it when it’s convenient for you. Our co-working sessions are held the first and third Thursday of the month at 2pm EST. This is a very helpful time, as it truly feels like we’re all working together. It’s the community feel I’ve been wanting in my life!

how does being part of the beta program work?

As this idea is fresh and we’re just starting out to prove that virtual co-working can really work and that it helps us all thrive, for the first few months, you’ll be able to try it out at a greatly reduced price in exchange for your feedback on the community. From time to time, I’ll be sending out 10 minute surveys to ask for your opinions on how the community is working for you, what you think we could do to improve the experience, and ask for any ideas you may have that will help to make our Thive Hive to, well, um…..thrive. :-). It’s a very small investment of your time in exchange for the great rate you’ll receive! Thank you so much for your interest in making this awesome! I don’t want to launch until we reach the level of awesomeness that makes this place worthy of telling all your mompreneur friends about!

Meet Your Instructor/Community Host:


Hi! I’m Brooke DeBoer—-I’m a mompreneur coach, interior designer, speaker, and writer. My life's mission is to empower and equip fellow mompreneurs in their pursuit of balancing awesome businesses with the demands of motherhood. I have been married for ten years to the love of my life, Ryan, and am a mom to three amazing little people under the age of seven. It’s a wild ride, and I’m so glad it’s mine!