Thrive Hive: A virtual community 
for women in leadership roles

Hi, I’m Brooke and I’m a serial entrepreneur. That sounds like a confession, doesn't it? I’ve been in leadership roles of one kind of another since I can remember. My favorite thing to do is guide other women in leadership into developing a life they love — whether that’s through doing leadership better in their company or non-profit, starting their own business, pivoting on a new business idea, recovering from failure, or learning how to have greater confidence in the calling that’s been put on their heart.

My story is still in the works — God’s not done with me yet, and He’s taken my background in marketing, web design, graphic design, architecture, interior design, consulting, leading, speaking, and writing and packaged all of that up into what I am living out right now. And that’s guiding fellow high achieving women into a greater peace about where they’re headed and assisting them in getting there in very tangible ways. When I walk alongside you, girl, I not only coach you and encourage you, but I actually provide you with a curriculum you can digest and use at your own pace and virtually “sit next to you” while you hash out your business plan, create a brand and website, and set smart, achievable goals.

I’ve spent thousands on business coaches and programs that were not as effective as I hoped they would be. They flat out didn’t deliver on their promises. And so I set out to create something different. A COLLECTIVE where women share and care deeply about one another, walk with each other through the ups and downs, and TANGIBLY help each other out. You want me to sit down and develop a brand with you or get your website up and running? Then I’m your girl.

Stop with the somedays, girl. We’ve only got today promised to us. Let’s make the most of it.

The deeper story behind why I created thrive hive:

Hi, I'm Brooke and I’m the founder of Thrive Hive Collective! I am a mom of three and have had my own businesses since 2011. I’ve been part of a co-working community in one shape or another for some of that time, worked from my home office for several years, had an office in a cool little downtown in Michigan for a year, and have had plenty of different childcare situations to make it all work. Sort of. After I had my third baby in 2018, I was desperate to find another co-working place to be a part of, because I missed the entrepreneurial energy that seems to radiate from those kind of places and because working from home got lonely. My deepest wish was to find a female centered type of community to be a part of, the kind of place where my kids could play while I got some work done and got to exchange ideas with others who understood my drive to keep working on growing my business and also try to do motherhood well. Because both are important to me, and I exist best in this world when I am thriving in both of those areas of my life. After much fruitless searching, and realizing that I did actually want to work in my cozy home office, but that I needed the community too, I came up with the idea of a virtual community for women business owners! I wanted it to be the thing that I was looking for -- a sense of community, complete with resources I could use, guidance when I needed it, and a place to foster relationships with like-minded people.

I'd like to propose a toast to being Better, Bolder, Brighter, and MORE FUN than BEFORE!



Resource Library

New resources added twice a month!

Accountability Program

It’s why Weight Watchers works.

It works for meeting the goals we set for ourselves too.

Audio Trainings

Digestible female leadership focused audio trainings you can listen to like a Podcast




What kind of resources are included in the library?

The resource library is updated twice a month and new resources are added. Every month you’ll have access to all of the base content plus two new art prints, two new thriving resources like business card templates & mini business plans, two new audio trainings, and two new worksheets.

Base content includes:

  • Worksheets

  • Customizable Branded Collateral & Templates

  • Downloadable & Printable Art Prints

  • Thriving Checklists

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goal Setting Templates

  • Motivating/Inspirational Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

  • Thriving Female Leadership Resources
    (i.e. workbooks, latest technology/apps reviews, tips & tricks)

what is it like to be part of the private conversations community?

Once you join the Thrive Hive, you’ll be sent an invitation to be part of our private Facebook group where we hold conversations. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any question you like or provide ideas to fellow mompreneurs in the Collective. This is a place where we offer support of one another and share ideas to spur one another on in our business/motherhood pursuits and the balance of it all.

Will there be other courses offered in the future?

Yes, most definitely! I wanted to keep things do-able for me as I am launching but am hoping to roll out some additional courses in different areas of leadership, starting/growing your own business, making the switch from the 9-5, ministry in business, brand design, getting your website going, and more. Tell me what you’d like to see in the course offering! I will definitely take your feedback into consideration.


How much will it cost?

We are offering an insanely low almost-free introductory price of just $34/month for an all access pass to the resource library which is CHOCK FULL of resources to get your leadership thriving! Crazy cheap, I know! It’s worth $80+ per month so the first people to jump on board will get an amazing deal and be ‘grandfathered in’ at just 34 dollars a month as long as they are an active member. The price will DEFINITELY be going up in the very near future. The accountability program is just $10/month.

Meet thrive hive’s founder:


Hi! I’m Brooke, and I’m a Positive Mindset business coach, interior designer, and motivational speaker.

My life's mission is to empower and equip fellow female entrepreneurs in their pursuit of balancing their awesome businesses with the demands of being a woman.

I’ve been designing beautiful interior spaces for over 10 years and I’m known for helping people use what they have to bring balance and joy back into their homes.