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Connecting with your audience online starts with letting them 
SEE you on video.  

Building up the confidence to do that can be tricky.

But you don't have to do it alone. Join us.

When you look at pictures 
or videos of yourself,
you're very critical and don't feel confident connecting with your audience that way yet,
but you know you need to.


You feel like there's so many things to do, and not enough time to do them all so marketing and making videos keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

Let's Do Something About It

This is the only program you need to build your camera confidence and nail your marketing...

so you can connect with your ideal clients and make more money with your online business.  

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On-Camera Confidence for
Every body.

No matter how you look or what shape you are, you can get confident without changing anything physically about your body.

Learn How To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Mirror

Get trained on what poses look best for your body type, shape, and how to minimize the least-favorite areas of your body.

Learn How To See Yourself Through A New Lens

You'll learn how to reframe how you view your reflection in the mirror by learning to look at it through another person's eyes and shifting what you focus in on.

Get Training On How To Create Stand-Out  Photos & Videos 

You'll learn the nitty-gritty of how to plan & prepare for photo & video shoots where you'll not only appear confident-- you'll actually BE confident.

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Let's do this!

 Hi, I'm Brooke, and I avoided the camera like crazy for 8 years.  I knew I needed to face it so I could connect with my customers online, so I learned how to love how I looked on camera without changing anything about my body -- just changing my mindset! Join me in the On-Camera Confidence Marketing Academy to become confident on camera too so you can rock out your online marketing with total confidence. 

Marketing Video Strategy

You'll get clear on how to use videos (with YOU in them!) to market your business.  You'll also learn where to use your photos & videos and how to quickly edit so you can get them out to your audience right away.

Progress Photos & Videos

Throughout the course, you'll have many opportunities to take progress videos & photos of yourself, so you can see your confidence transformation as you go.

Becoming Kinder To Yourself

The words we say to ourselves matter. You'll get tools & techniques to help you become kinder to yourself.  When we speak lovingly to ourselves, confidence starts to flow.


What can you expect from this program?

The On-Camera Confidence Marketing Academy is all about teaching mindset techniques to find the confidence to be the face of our companies without changing anything physically about our bodies!  More than training, we are a community of people on a journey of transformation!

You can count on three things:

New Trainings Each Week

Every week, new trainings are released to you that will teach you how to become confident on camera and how to create videos that will resonate with your audience.

Group And Individual 

There are many opportunities every week to get the support you need on your journey.  Meet other business owners and learn from each other, ask questions, and keep your momentum going.

Community & Accountability

The journey is so much sweeter with like-minded companions.  The course includes becoming a member of our entrepreneurs' community.  You'll be matched up with an accountability partner who will help keep you on track with your goals.

Standard Program Course Tuition


You'll learn
how to:

  • Connect with your customers with marketing photos & brand photos
  • Become the confident CEO you were made to be
  • Look great on camera regardless of your body size or shape 
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Enrolling means 
embarking on a journey of



This is the first step on your on-camera confidence journey and joining a community of like-minded people on a similar path as you! 

After all, we are stronger together.  And going on a journey of transformation is so much more enjoyable with friends along!  Welcome to the beginning of a new, confident you.

I can't wait to see you inside the course!


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Sarah G.

Brooke is an amazing coach. I just completed her On-Camera Confidence Marketing Academy and all I can say is WOW! I learned so much AND it helped to grow my business. I now feel comfortable getting on video. I know how to make a plan for my videos, how to show not tell AND what to DO with my videos.

Kelly C. 

With Brooke and her On-Camera Confidence for Video Marketing course, I affirmed my background, lighting, props, and positioning. I realized I can do much with a whiteboard and an iPad which is much more engaging for viewers than a screenshare. I achieved my dream of making it as easy as an email. Or rather, when I look at a video as a short-training session, I can easily work from bullets and avoid editing! This is the greatest result of all!

Heather B.

"I'm so grateful for the accountability I got to just GET IT DONE while I was in. theOn-Camera Confidence Marketing Academy.  Highly recommend!


"I never thought I could be as business-confident as I have become. Brooke is a true leader who 'GETS IT'!"


"Working with Brooke has been such a great investment. Highly recommend!"


"I love that Brooke's approach doesn't require me to change how my body looks, it's all mindset."

Have fun getting camera-confident, even if tech isn't your thing 


You don't have to be a tech enthusiast to come do some mindset shifting with us. The On-Camera Confidence Marketing Academy is all about tweaking your mindset, not having a perfect look. Join us to let loose, learn some new techniques, and make some videos so you can better connect with your customers online. 

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